Frequently asked questions

How do I download and install the patch?
See the installation instructions page for details.

Does the patch include the full game?
No, but you can download it for free fromĀ

Does the game start in 1989?
You can make this possible with the Tapani patch, but I haven’t found this to be 100% reliable with my data just yet, so it may be safer to start at 2001 and use your imagination.

Do the competitions’ structures and national borders reflect the way it was in 1989?
No, this isn’t possible, unfortunately – the data has been adapted to fit around football as it was in 2001/02

Why are there a few players with weird names likeĀ 1 Delete ITA?
I’ve found it more reliable to overwrite players rather than to delete them and add new ones. This is my way of marking players for replacement – most don’t get included in the game, but a few will. Eventually these will all disappear.

Which leagues are playable?
All leagues are playable, as far as I know, but most still have a lot of work to do. For now, I’d recommend limiting yourself the following leagues

  • England (without the Conference)
  • Scotland
  • Italy (without Serie C2)
  • Germany (with the Regional divisions)
  • France

This list will grow with each release.

Some information is missing or inaccurate
Please get in touch. In particular, I’m keen for any help with the following info:

  • Players’ attributes
  • Players’ specific positions
  • Any players that can pad out clubs’ squads, including reserve and youth players
  • Clubs’ board and backroom staff
  • Clubs’ kits of the time.

Any info, however, is very welcome. Please do, also bear in mind that a) it is a work in progress, and b) the game will alter some players’ attributes from what is set in the Editor.

Why isn’t Beckham/Totti/Ronaldo in the game?
The cutoff point for players’ date of birth is 31/12/1974. Anyone younger, the game will think it’s a bug and reset their DOB to 1968.