A Phristmas Parol

The cast of a Muppet Christmas Carol

We at the Football Trivia Group bring you a modern spin on Dickens’ Classic

Marley was finished, to begin with. There was no doubt whatever about that. He was ratioed by NeymarSZN, FSG_Out_22, and even HonestMarleyFan had to admit his idol was washed. Old Marley was as finished as Pason Pount. 

ePeneezer Scrooge knew he was finished? Of course he did. How could it be otherwise? He had been Mezzala to Scrooge’s Enganche for years. And yet, ePeneezer never removed him from his header image.

Oh, but he was a stat-padder, was scrooge! Goals from open play had little influence on him, and when his cousin boasted of goal involvements, he responded thus: Bah! Farmer’s League! His dutiful employee, Bob Scannit, the most conscientious seeker out of passes in all London, saw at first hand ePeneezer’s coldness, in his lack of sympathy for his son, Low xG Tim.

That night, though, ePeneezer was visited by three GoaTs: The GoaT of Xmas fraud, the GoaT of Xmas Fixed, and the GoaT of Xmas Clear…

and you get the idea…

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