Football quizzes – the next steps

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Thank you for everyone who has expressed an interest in our football quizzes – we’ve had a great time so far, and have been delighted with the interest shown. As the football season ends, we’d like to take stock and get your feedback.

Part of this is due to our longer-term intention to form a league. So far quizzes have been informal, and stand-alone, but we’d like to establish a league, with regular participants, and cumulative results. We need to determine whether we are ready to do this yet, as it requires a greater commitment from us – and you. To form a league, we would need:

  • A regular schedule
  • Consistent participation from teams – this doesn’t mean every player has to attend every time, but teams should provide some players for each quiz. Having squads of more than the regular 6 is encouraged
  • Consistent teams – we’re not going to require registrations and transfer windows, but clearly it makes sense for players to associate with one team. Equally, team names will be permanent
  • Sets written by participating teams. This wouldn’t be a requirement to play, but we would need some participants to volunteer sets. See our guide to writing a quiz.
  • A web presence showing league and match details
  • Potentially promotion and relegation if the league is successful enough. This will also mean multiple venues.
  • Possibly a small fee per team, to allow us to pay for a trophy and other overheads.

Please compete the survey below and let us know what you think.

We'd like your comments on venues, question sets, or anything else that comes to mind.

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