Major new update to CM 89/90

I have left the update dormant for a little while, but the excellent people on the CM 01/02 forums have been working away at the game’s underlying code, which have made the gameplay more 1989 appropriate.

Thanks to the sterling work of user juliko1888, the following improvements are available:

  • old school numbers for every competition and matchday. 1-16
  • 5 substitutions for every major competition
  • 3 foreigners for every competition, excluding european competitions (unrestricted) and couple more minor ones
  • every final in England is to be played in Wembley
  • correct hosts (WC and Euros) up until 2004 euros
  • and a couple more small ones

Not only that, it is much easier to install – no need to mess around with ISOs, you can just extract the directory and play! Download here

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